The Need

For nearly 40 years, the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN has been far more than a place for families and children to sleep. We are a place of comfort, compassion and support.

Families staying at our House are undergoing one of the most stressful situations they will ever encounter—dealing with the fear and anguish of having a seriously ill child. No family plans for that. You don’t put money in a savings account to plan for when your child is going to be ill. It’s an unexpected, unwanted disruption in a family’s life.

On average we have been serving nearly 900 families per year. We’ve not been able to increase that number because we have been over capacity. Every day we have a wait list and it’s heartbreaking to turn families away. The need to serve more families is great and growing. We need to double our size to keep pace with the growth of Mayo Clinic Children’s Center as proton beam therapy, regenerative medicine and individualized medicine are all driving an increased need for our services. The average length of stay has typically been 14 nights per family but we’ve seen a dramatic increase of 35 nights with children receiving proton beam therapy. Right now we turn away 6 of every 10 requests to stay with us because we are full.

To serve this ever-increasing number of Mayo Clinic patients, we have been working diligently on plans to expand our facility that will allow us to keep more families close to the medical care and support they need. We must expand to meet our mission of providing a “home-away-from-home” for families seeking medical care for their ill children. We need to turn fewer families away. We need to serve more families.

Our Plans

On a bright and beautiful morning in early May we told the world about our plans to double the size of the House. A historic and important day, we asked the wider community to join us in our journey to serve more families. We’ve been humbled and blessed that in the quiet phase of the campaign we’ve been able to raise $8.7 million. We need to raise an additional $4.5 million in order to break ground. Please consider a financial gift to help us get the doors open as soon as possible. The children are counting on us! The best way to help is to make a donation to the Love Tremendously Hope Exceedingly Capital Campaign.

The theme of our campaign is perfect because our House is all about love. It is the House that love built. It is about families and children and the blanket of love and support that we can wrap around them. We are tremendously grateful for the support of many who help us advance our mission every day and those who will help us serve children and families in the future. On behalf of thousands of kids and families who will make the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, Minnesota their home after we expand – thank you!

Post by: Peggy Elliott, Executive Director | Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN

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