Why I Volunteer

Nina, 22-year volunteer

Volunteer Nina reflected on her 22 years at the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota…in her own words!

I volunteer because I sincerely believe in the mission of the House. We provide a home away from home for families undergoing terrific worry and stress while hoping to get help for their seriously ill children. That’s a mission that is almost impossible to beat. And every shift I see that mission in action.

The House provides a place for a family to live and be comfortable. We also coordinate groups that want to come in and provide a meal for our families. The staff schedules recreation, therapy animals, programs, games and entertainment for all to enjoy!

Every time I volunteer, I am inspired by the children who are our guests. They are so brave. When a child is not feeling the best, they are usually very quiet, very still, and not communicating a lot. But as soon as they feel even a little bit better, they are ready to play, to give a high five, and to ask questions! And it is comforting that there are other children for them to get to know as friends.

After being here for many years, I realize the most comforting thing the House offers is that all these parents are around other families going through the same fear, worry, and uncertainty that they are. They support each other. I don’t think anyone knows what those emotions feel like unless you are experiencing them, and every family has that in common.

This is a great place to volunteer. You receive far more than you can ever give.