In Her Words: 40 Years

In the background, hanging on the wall, is a Jane Belau work of art; a heart with a bouquet of flowers. All proceeds from the sale supported the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester. It hangs in Cynthia’s living room.

Cynthia Nelson is an Emeritus Trustee and reflected on her time at the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota, and its 40 years serving children and families…in her own words!

I was working at Mayo Clinic in the early 1980s and I was in the personnel department, as was Dave Senjem, who is now in the Minnesota Senate. He was on the Board for Northland Children’s Services. I wanted to get involved in the community, but I was less interested in joining a service club to raise money for charity; I wanted to work with charities directly. Dave completed his term and nominated me for the Board.

Once I was in…the House almost became my second home.

People ask, “How can you spend your time around sick children?” In my eyes…the children at the House have so much joy. They are sick, but they are celebrating life every day. And their smiles light up the room. I learned many life lessons from observing and interacting with the children and families at the House.

The House has gone through many changes, but its purpose and goals have remained constant. Mayo Clinic says: needs of the patient come first. The House says: needs of the children come first. The House surrounds the kids with as much normalcy, consistency, and support as it can. It is so important for the kids and their families.

When I was nominated…I was shocked. I had no idea. Phil Henoch said: “An Emeritus Trustee is someone who has a long history of involvement and a passion for the House.” Involvement and passion were key. An Emeritus Trustee does not always have a formal role, but we are always available for the House. Always.

I was on the Love Tremendously Hope Exceedingly capital campaign leadership team. People invested extraordinary effort, often behind the scenes, for the larger House to become a reality.

The grand opening and ribbon cutting was a very special moment; we all witnessed the joy on the faces of children and families. It was all so beautiful and supportive for our guests.

I cannot believe it has been 40 years…until I look in the mirror! I drive down the street and it is all so amazing. The House has come a long way from shared bathrooms and board meetings in the living room.

But the core motivation is the same: how can we help children and families experiencing extreme worry and upheaval in their life?

I love watching the children enjoy House activities. Every child who walks through the doors of the House is special.

It has been a very great honor to be able to help the House in any way I can. In many life situations, people say, “I gave more than I received.” I think it is the other way around at the House.

I receive far more than I give.

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