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Joyful Javohn

Javohn and his dad, Thomas, did not expect such a long and difficult journey. But after two tumors and one year of radiation and chemotherapy…it is almost time for Javohn to rejoin his five siblings in Belize. “He is a fighter; he is strong,” said Thomas. “And he has so much joy.” When doctors in […]

Every Day with Elian

Jesus and Leamsie have two beautiful sons: Elian and Adrian. And after spending 323 nights at the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota…they are thankful for every day they have together. Elian, their oldest, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in early 2019. And the tumor was located in his meninges – the three […]

Growing with Evangeline

Evangeline means good news. For mom and dad, Karissa and Ryan, the good news had complications…and came three months early. “Karissa was being seen for a routine prenatal appointment when she was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia,” Ryan said. “They transported her to Rochester by helicopter.” “It was scary.” The result: Evangeline was born three months […]

Faith and Love

When MaryAnn became pregnant, she was both happy and shocked. However, her doctor declared her a high-risk pregnancy and referred her and her wife, Sheila, to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. “I was scared the whole pregnancy,” said MaryAnn. “But I received so much support and I fell even more in love with our daughter as […]

Having Fayth

Ashley and Moses were flying high – their daughter, Fayth, was born and she was beautiful and in perfect health. Two months later…their daughter was airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She needed a new liver. Fayth was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare liver disorder that occurs when a baby’s bile ducts become blocked. […]

Walking with Hannah

Hannah is very bright. She graduated high school when she was 16 years old and enrolled at Pearl River Community College (Poplarville, Miss.) three days later. Her dream is to teach science or art at a school for deaf children. But her journey is more impressive than her destination. Five years ago, Hannah and her […]

Hailey’s Heart

“Hailey is our tough, little bug,” said Tracie, Hailey’s mom. “Nothing is going to stop her – she is going to keep fighting.” Tracie was thrilled when she became pregnant with Hailey. Her anticipation grew with every appointment; she was excited to meet her daughter. There were no complications or indications that anything was out […]

Rachel in Rochester

Rachel was born very premature—at 26 weeks—and spent the first 108 days of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Saint Marys. She has spent a lot of time in Rochester. During that time…the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester has been her home. “We are part of the Ronald McDonald House family,” […]

Medically Complex Maddix

Since seven-year-old Maddix was born, he has battled pneumonia, strep throat, seizures, acid reflux, migraines, apnea, feeding issues, breathing issues, and more. Doctors do not have one diagnosis—they have several. He is medically complex. And that is only part of his story. Maddix was born eight weeks early. When his mom, Tasmah, went into labor, […]

Vision for Robert

19-month-old Robert is the healthiest he has ever been. But it hasn’t always been that way. “When Robert was four months old, we discovered he was having issues—his eyes were cloudy,” said Betty, his mom. The family visited the hospital in Fargo, but immediately received a Mayo Clinic referral, because North Dakota does not currently […]