In an overabundance of caution, and with a focus on the health and safety of children and families, the House is taking the following steps to minimize the risk of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) exposure to guests, staff and volunteers:

We recognize these actions impact you greatly and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Eligible family members
Each guest family is allowed two healthy caregivers (over the age of 18) to stay with the patient. 

  • We understand that this will be a hardship for families. We appreciate your understanding as we do our best to protect everyone who is staying at the House. 
  • We are no longer allowing any children under the age of 18 unless they are the patient. To allow planning time, this will go in effect on Wednesday, March 18. 
  • If an eligible family member leaves Rochester, before they can stay at the House again, they will need to complete symptom assessment screening with a House Manager.

We will no longer be allowing visitors on-site.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For questions, comments, concerns, or additional clarification, please contact the House Manager at 507-252-2164.


  • The Ronald McDonald House provides temporary lodging for families with a patient age 18 years or younger who is receiving care at Mayo Clinic
  • The patient must be receiving medically necessary ongoing care
  • The patient must be either inpatient or an active outpatient with a minimum of 4 appointments per week
  • Families must live outside Olmsted County and cannot be a resident of Olmsted County at any point during their stay
  • The Ronald McDonald House does not provide services to pediatric patients involved in the PRC Pain Rehabilitation Clinic at Mayo Clinic
  • All new families seeking medical care for each child must obtain a referral from Mayo Clinic Social Work Department

Please Note: Anyone staying or visiting the Ronald McDonald House® of Rochester, Minnesota must be infectious disease free for 21 days

The Ronald McDonald House® of Rochester, Minnesota is filled on a first come, first serve basis. We do not take reservations because families with ill children are often not able to predict when their care will end. For all new families (who have never stayed with us before), please read and follow the steps outlined below to allow us to best serve you upon your arrival in Rochester.

How do I stay at the Ronald McDonald House?

Families are served on a first come, first served basis, based on your arrival in Rochester. Please contact the House Manager at 507-282-3955 as soon as you arrive in Rochester to check on availability of a room.

The Ronald McDonald House office hours are 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.  Sunday thru Saturday. If you will be arriving after 8 p.m., please contact the House Manager so we may assist with confirming lodging accommodations.

How do I plan ahead for my upcoming stay in Rochester?

Families are encouraged to plan for a minimum of one night on our list and have a backup lodging plan in place. The Ronald McDonald House has developed partnerships with local hotels that offer discounted rates for families who are in the process of getting a room at the House.

Referral Process

All new families to the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota, must have a referral completed before they may be offered a room at the House.

Former Ronald McDonald House of Rochester families are also required to have a referral completed if they are seeking care for a child not previously seen or if they have not stayed at the House within the past 5 years.

While you do not need the referral to be placed on the list or to receive a discounted room rate at a hotel, we do need the referral in order to offer your family a room at the House.

How to have a referral completed:

  • If your child is receiving outpatient care, you can obtain the referral from a Mayo Clinic Social Worker; you can reach a Social Worker by calling Mayo Clinic Social Work at 507-284-2131
  • If your child is inpatient, you can ask for the Unit Social Worker or the On-Call Social Worker to have the referral completed while your child is in the hospital
  • The referral does need to be completed in person, as signatures are required
    • A release of information with a required signature must be completed as a part of the referral
  • Please remember to contact the House Manager at 507-282-3955 as soon as you arrive in Rochester to be placed on the list or see about open rooms